Over the years, various breeds of dogs are introduced. Some breeds are new while others have been around for hundreds of years. The Pit Bull breed is one of the misunderstood breeds of dogs. Many thought they are aggressive because of their fighting past. However, with the right training and love, Pit Bulls can be extremely friendly, loyal, and affectionate dog despite their innate playful nature.

If you are going to buy XL Pitbulls or other dog breeds make sure you buy only from a registered breeder. Below are the reasons why.

  • Registered breeders are responsible breeders – Registered breeders make sure that the dog is breed according to its specification. If you are looking for a companion dog, then the breeder can give you what you want; a playful, loyal, and friendly dog. You cannot get these traits from random breeders. Only responsible breeders can give you the kind of dog you are looking for.

  • Registered breeders provide training and socialization – Some dogs, especially the Pit Bull type is a smart dog. It is easy to train, especially when trained at a young age. Once they grow, training them can be quite of a challenge. If you buy from a registered breeder, rest assured that the dog has already basic training such as the basic obedience and potty training. Registered breeders can address behavioral concerns, especially in Pit Bulls like excessive chewing. You definitely need to continue training at home but with a registered breeder, you don’t need to start from scratch. All you need is follow through.

  • Registered breeders address inherits genetic health problems. They make sure that vaccinations and de-worming are done, especially the basic ones like anti-rabies and parvo vaccine.

  • A registered breeder can help you with legal concerns, especially in the Pit Bull breed which has a bad reputation in some states. In the United States, there are over 700 cities that have strict laws for dogs tagged as dangerous. A registered breeder is aware of the legislation and will give you the necessary inputs about a specific dog breed to make sure you are not breaking any rules.