No matter how much we have grown and developed with science and by understanding healthy nutrients. We cannot avert away from the fact that the fresh food for any living being does so much better than the processed and packed food. In yogic culture, it is believed that ideally the food should be consumed within an hour of its making, as after that the quality of the nutritious food deteriorates with time. Well, if it is so then thinking about the food that has been packed for quite some time now.

This phenomenon of in taking healthy food should also be applied for our pets, imagine if we start giving our dogs and cats the food that their wellness deserve. Here is a list that tells us what welfare dog food and wellness cat food will do in the long term:

  1. Better Energy levels

Overly processed food serves too much complexity when it comes to digesting them. Imagine the lean protein in the diet that enters in the body and goes out without the proper digestion. Now with fresh food which is more digestible in nature, will be far more digestible and provides a lot of energy to draw from. You’ll see the results for yourself when the endurance for longer walks and more play time at the park increases. Now, this is what wellness dog food or wellness cat food should do.

  1. Healthy Coats

A shiny, soft coat over your pet shows the bar of health in a very apparent way. Fresh food has healthy oils that are essential for the body to bring a change in a dull coat to a shiny one. If your pet has a shiny coat then your pet food is just fine. If not then you should start serving your dog food freshly made food.

  1. Healthier skin.

If your dog suffers from skin allergies, then you must switch for natural foods. Nutrients like zinc, vitamin B and fatty acids present in the dog’s diet is the best way to treat and soothes the dog’s skin. It is much more beneficial if these nutrients are pulled from natural food rather than supplying them synthetically.

  1. Quick and firm stools.

Some food has too much of extra fiber added to them just for the sake of creating a food mass (primarily through any non-protein fiber). That means a lot of extra fiber is consumed in pet’s stomach. Though an appropriate amount of fiber is necessary for proper digestion with other nutrients balanced.

However, if the fiber amount goes more than required per meal, that means the stomach is more busy in digesting that extra amount to draw the energy. In the long run, it can harm the excreting process, which also results in digestive tract illness.

Fresh food, on the other hand, doesn’t put more pressure on the digestion and gives smaller and firmer poop.

Incorporating these tips will give you an idea what wellness dog food or wellness cat food is about and how you can give your pet a good quality of life.