As in other small dog breeds, the Chihuahuas have a very small mouth, which causes their 42 teeth to agglomerate in a small space, causing a greater accumulation of tartar on their teeth and, consequently, more predisposition to be able to develop dental diseases at early ages.

How to feed a Chihuahua dog

The characteristic that most conditions a Chihuahua dog is its excessive energy, especially during its puppy stage. In addition to games and daily walks, for a Chihuahua dog, their feeding care is also important to channel this aspect.

The stomach of the Chihuahuas is very small and their metabolism is very fast. That is, due to their high energy levels, they burn calories at high speed, but they do not have enough space in their stomach to retain food. This causes them to eat small amounts, but often in order to always maintain stable blood sugar levels and thus avoid possible episodes of hypoglycaemia.

To the question of how to feed a Chihuahua dog, it is important to keep in mind that the frequency of shots will vary depending on the age. In puppies, the daily dose of food will be divided into a greater number of intakes and, as the Chihuahua grows, an average of 2 or 3 intakes per day will be established.

Dog food Chihuahua

To ensure that your diet is adequate, it is essential that you choose a Best Dog Food for Chihuahua Puppy that contains the key nutrients to meet your needs at each stage of your life (puppy, adult, and senior), bearing in mind that this type of product also contemplate the size of the food croquettes, which should be small enough so that your Chihuahua can chew them easily.

We recommend the wide range of Pure Balance Dog Food Review developed, formulated to ensure advanced nutrition and appropriate to the characteristics of your dog (calories and proteins), through a delicious mixture of small crunchy croquettes and tender snacks, which combines flavors and fundamental ingredients for you to enjoy a healthy life.

In parallel, it is convenient that you go to the veterinarian every so often to do an exploration of your Chihuahua dog in order to rule out problems related to obesity. This condition is very common in this breed and can lead to serious pathologies.