Whether you have a sedentary senior dog or a puppy, dogs of all breeds and ages can learn new tricks. While teaching the basic manners, the daily commands such as sit and stand are important but to keep your pet away from all troubles, it is important for them to learn various other tricks. Dog tricks are a good way to entertain guests and according to experts, humans and dogs, both benefit from the tricks. Tricks are similar to puzzles for the dogs and teaching your pet the tricks challenges not just his mind but increases his intelligence and focus.

The process of working towards Teach Dog Roll Over can be a wonderful experience for a dog as well as humans. Minimize distractions and keep the training sessions very short. Your pet will need a lot of positive reinforcement in the training process. It means head scratches, verbal praises, and yummy treats. One common mistake made by most people is using dog kibble or being stingy with the treats. However, in the learning phase you should use plenty of good stuff including cheese, chicken, and ham. Anything that your pet shall enjoy or will give him the motivation to learn should be provided by you.

The complete 360 method

Give the command to your pet to lie down. Your dog should lie down on his front prior to the beginning of the trick. You should outstretch his paws so that he can hear and see you. Hold a treat just near to the face of your dog. This way you can draw the attention of your dog towards the treat. Keep your hands firm so that he cannot get the treat. This will make him understand that to get it, he needs to do something. Day rollover and rotate the food slowly over his face. Give support to the dog with your free hand so that with your help, he gently rolls over. Practice Teach Dog Roll Over and reduce the treats slowly.

Adequate practice

After your dog learns the rollover process, you need to practice the act with him regularly. Do not keep the practicing sessions too long because this may bore him. With practice, he will become perfect. Initially, after every rollover, you should praise him a lot. After adequate practice and sufficient teats, your pet shall learn to roll over just when you give the command. And, most importantly, lure your dog with toys and treats.