Thinking about how you can take care of your dog? Whether it is your first pet or your 5th one, there are some of the few things you must never do while taking care of your puppy or dog. Every pet owner wants to do best for their pets, yet at times; they create stress unnecessarily, thinking that they are doing the right one. Here are some of the points you must never do while you are taking care of your dogs or a small puppy.

  1. People label dogs as bad and then punish them

This is one of the bad things that pet owners do. The pet guardians, who label their dogs as bad dogs, do not put their pet ready for training and exercise. If the pet shows unwanted behaviours, it is because the pet owners do not provide them with the right training. It is not the fault of the pets; it is the fault of pet owners only.

When your dog shows unwanted behaviours like jumping on the furniture or pulling of items, they are showing anxiety or depression. The best thing to do is to take your dog to the doctor and notice the behaviour. You can also keep your overactive puppies in the cages. Get a variety of dog crates NZ or anywhere you want online at lowest prices.

  1. Do not supervise the playdates

Playdates are important for your puppy, yet the pet owners do not want to be present to check whether the play is fair or not. The playdates should not last too long. If the puppy becomes overtired during the playdates, it can bring a negative impact on the overall health of your pet. Dog socialization is good, but better not to keep your dog for several hours to someone else’s house thinking that the person will take care in the same manner as you do.

  1. Do not use the hand for beating

People often use hands for beating the dogs rather than only for praising and loving. Beating the dog with the hand can make your pet frightened, and he will not be friendly with you or anyone coming into your home. Even, he can be fearful and start biting a new guest who has arrived for the first time in your home.

  1. Not taking the dog for annual check-ups and tests

Pet owners can feel that their pets are okay and they do not take the dogs for check-ups and blood tests. But, it is a big mistake. As like human beings, dogs too require health check-ups to know whether they are suffering from any health issue or not.

These are some of the things you must not do when you are taking care of your dogs. It is always recommended to take your pet to a reputed vet who is experienced in the field. It is also important to buy quality food for your dog. Dog crates are quite useful to keep your pet in one place for a long time, however, do not keep your dog inside the cage for too long hours. To get better quality dog crates in NZ, you can check online sites.