If suddenly you urgently need to go on a business trip, for a weekend or just to relax on vacation, and there is no one to look after your beloved pet, then you need to buy an automatic feeder in advance.

Auto cat feeder is a modern gadget that at certain intervals automatically supplies your pet with the required portion of food. Thanks to the automatic feeding machine and the auto-drinker for cats, you can safely leave your “pupil” for the period of departure. The device will provide pet food for a maximum of 5 days. But there are expensive models that provide up to 90 days of “food.”


  • Accommodation. In various models, the volume of the reservoir for food varies from 0.5 kg to 3 kg. The size of the portion is limited by the size of the section “bowls”. Individually, depending on the size and age of the pet, and the volume of the segment is selected;

  • Functionality. Food should come in regularly and in the right quantities. In addition, certain models are equipped with the function of recording and playing the voice of the owner. This kind of signal will inform about the invitation to the meal;

  • The material of the device. For the manufacture of feeders mainly used metal or plastic. Feeders of such material are non-toxic, reliable and durable;

  • Mode of operation. Each feeder can be programmed in a specific mode – it can be 4 meals a day for one day, 2 meals a day for two days or for 5 days feed is given once a day. Verify in advance the performance of each mode, before leaving the animal;

  • Security. The design must be strong and stable so that the pet does not overturn it;

  • Warranty. When buying an auto feeder, a one-year warranty is given. When operating it is important to adhere to the instructions;

  • Availability. The range of feeders is varied. In each pet store, for sure, there are several different models at an affordable price. The cost of the zoo-gadget is determined by the configuration, the view and the manufacturer.

For those who want to save money, you can build a car feeder for cats with your own hands from a regular sheet of plywood. For the automatic part, the mechanism is adapted from a quartz watch, with which the autostructure opening will be adjusted. Sections are made of clay or wood. For the body of the auto feeder, it is best to use a large can – the product will be more practical and sustainable. The rubber base is attached to the bottom of the “bowl” – reliability and safety will be improved.

You can also make a car feeder for cats with your own hands from other materials, such as plastic bottles. Tara is cut in a certain way and connected with glue or rope.

To date, there are many different models of automatic feeders for cats and dogs. Consider the most worthy zoogadgets and make the top list of popular models.


Favorite pet will always be full thanks to the control of the automatic feeder on a smartphone.

WOPET V36 SmartFeeder fully controls and controls the nutrition of the pet – meal time, portion size, presence of harmful impurities.

Stylish ergonomic design, several color variations, high-quality harmless construction material. Smart feeder designed for daily use.

The smart device accurately calculates the dose of food and monitors the amount of calories expended – taking into account the age, weight and temperament of the animal, thereby ensuring longevity and excellent health.

Innovative technologies and a comprehensive management system allow you to always be in touch by connecting via Wi-Fi to any mobile device – a smartphone, laptop, tablet.

The cost of smart feeder WOPET SmartFeeder is pretty solid and is $ 150 .


Automatic feeder perfect for both cats and dogs. The design has 4 equal sections, each of which opens in a clear sequence. This strict sequence is independently programmed by the host.

The volume of the product – 2 liters. The width of the device is 8.5 cm. The case material is high-quality plastic. The device is equipped with a voice alert function (when opening a segment). The auto-feeder is completely safe, because works on finger batteries.

Buy feed feeder cat ex ex on average for $ 55 .


This self-feeder is perfect for feeding cats, dogs and other small pets (for example, ferrets). The device is programmed by the owner and “valid” in automatic mode.

The design is divided into 4 trays, access to which opens in a clearly defined time interval. The animal will be fed, even in the absence of all households.

The volume of the product is 2 liters (up to 1.2 kg of dry food). Width – 12.5 cm. LCD screen with built-in real-time clock and a battery charge indicator facilitate the operation of the device.

The SITITEK Pets Ice Mini feeder is equipped with a 6-second audio message recording function. You can set up 4 different meals – up to 4 days. The ice container will allow food to stay fresh and, in addition, it can be used as an automatic drinking bowl for cats and dogs.

The price of the zoogadget is about $ 61 .


Judging by the reviews about the car feeder for cats and dogs, the Feed-Ex PF 100 – this model is in good standing and could well become indispensable helpers in emergency situations.

The device is interesting in that the required portion of food at the time programmed by the host is lowered into a special compartment from a plastic large tank.

Capacity – 10.5 liters. The dose of food produced per feed ranges from 200 ml to 1 l. The owner sets the required number of meals per day – it can be from one to four feedings. The advantage of Feed-Ex PF 100 is the ability to program auto-feeding for 90 days.

LCD screen shows real time, battery status indication. The device supports recording and playback of a sound message lasting 20 seconds. The sound signal notifies about the end of the “meal”. Easy maintenance of the structure – removable parts are easy to clean. The efficiency of the feeder is supported by 4 “D” type batteries.

The average cost of Feed-Ex PF 100 is $ 82 .


German brand Trixie Tx4 , specializing in products for pets, is a catcher with automatic control type.

Body material – durable high-quality plastic. In the feeder, you can “eat” and dry, and wet food. The automatic cart is designed for 4 feedings and has 4 capacious trays with a capacity of 500 ml each. There is an additional compartment – 400 ml car kit for cats.

The owner personally programs the feeder’s work schedule – up to a maximum of 96 hours. Programming meals can be set in such a variation: 4 servings of food – after 4 or 8 hours; 2 days 2 meals in 12 hours; 4 days 1 meal in 24 hours.

You can buy a Trixie cat feeder for an average of $ 87 .


Super modern automatic feeder from the manufacturer SiTiTEK Hoison 10 with an electronic control panel, equipped with the most advanced innovations – a Wi-Fi module, a video camera with a 2 megapixel matrix, a sensitive microphone and a speaker.

The volume of the container for dry food – 4 liters. Provided for the issuance of feed on a fixed schedule.

The regulation of the delivery of the required dose of food, the transfer of orders and commands, observation of the animal in the process of eating – all this is done using mobile devices on the Android or iOS platform, after downloading a special application. In the absence of an Internet connection, the device will continue to function thanks to the built-in memory.

Buying the Hoison 10 car feeder will cost a pretty penny for animal lovers – $ 281 .


From our recommendations for automatic feeders, we chose the WOPET Automatic Feeder – the obvious winner of our review of the best automatic feeder for cats. The device is quite simple to use, and also suitable for dishwashers. It has an accurate digital timer, and also allows the user to program meal schedules for their cats. This may be ideal for cats that have special dietary needs to prevent overweight. Automatic feeders for cats, which were viewed with the WOPET Automatic Feeder, were flawed according to some characteristics. Some of them are not suitable for a dishwasher and subject food to pollutants. Some lacked a backup power supply and adjustable parts.