With a plethora of bugs and roaches infesting the neighborhood, you would find it difficult to identify the right kind. In case, you wonder about the need to identify the kind of roaches infesting your home, you should rest assured it would be imperative for using correct and effective steps for their removal.

Identifying the roaches

You may often come across smoky brown roaches. The Latin name for smoky brown roaches is Periplaneta fuliginosa. The adult smoky brown roach would reach up to 38mm in length. They have wings that would extend beyond their body.

The adults entail a shiny appearance in mahogany and black color. It would be pertinent to mention here that the later nymphs would be similar in color to the adults. However, the early nymphal stages entail a white colored stripe at the tips of their antennae and on their thorax. Their coloration would assist these roaches to camouflage or hide easily against predators.

What would attract these roaches?

The roaches would be found on the ground levels and basements. They would be attracted towards:

  • Sewer openings
  • Exposed trash cans
  • Stacks of wood
  • Standing water and leaky roofs

The pests would easily crawl through the small holes in home foundations or siding. They could also fly through open windows and doors.

Getting rid of smoky brown roaches

The smoky brown roaches would need three essential things to thrive:

  • Food
  • Water
  • Harborage

If you could eliminate even one of the aforementioned things through proper sanitation, the population of roach would be forced to move someplace else or die. You should discard the old piles and boxes of papers that provide a suitable place for roaches to hide.

You would be required to clean the kitchen appliances thoroughly, use tight lids for trash can and waste bins, and fix leaky drains and empty pet food containers at night. The methods listed on https://meepo.org/ would help you make the home roach free.