Your dog is mostly about 75 percent water and your pooch is required to drink an adequate amount of water to stay healthy and fully hydrated.

Most dogs instinctively know how much water to drink and they will keep going to their water bowl throughout the day when they feel thirsty. Most of the time unless your vet advises otherwise, provide your dog with unlimited access to fresh water.

If you start to notice that your dog isn’t drinking as much water as they should be or they have gone off the water completely make sure that you take your dog to the veterinarian where they will be able to rule out any underlying issues that might be causing your dog to not drink. Over at Doggytastic they know a thing or two about how to keep your dog healthy and happy too, this article has been written after doing a bit of research over on their dog blog.

General Recommendations

Exactly how to water a dog needs to drink each day varies based on lots of individual elements, including age, task amount, all-around health, diseases and just how hot it is outside or even inside. For example, a healthy dog should drink at least 1 ounce of liquid per pound of bodyweight.

Therefore, if your dog weighs 15-pounds for example, he will need to drink at least 15 ounces of water per day.  If you’re still unsure I recommend that you ask your vet next time you’re in the clinic to double check that your dog is getting enough water.

Wet Versus Dry Food

Whether you feed your puppy canned food or kibble will directly impact exactly how much water your dog will drink each day.

Canned wet food, for example, contains more water when compared to dry kibble. So you will need to adjust your dog’s water consumption accordingly.

Dryer Kibble, on the other hand, contains roughly 10% dampness which is considerably less than the wet canned food.


Polydipsia may be the term that is health thirst that is extortionate. It has many different factors, which range from reasonably benign to quite serious. Foods high in sodium (salt) or sugar will make your dog a lot thirstier. In the event that your dog is consuming something, he is intolerant to his digestive system could be prompting him to drink more water than usual.

Also it worth mentioning that a lot of prescription medication for dogs can also increase the thirst of your dog too.

Even too much exercise or is its hot will make your dog run to the water bowl much more often – so these are things to keep in mind.

If your dog is suffering from liver and kidney problems, urinary system infections, specific cancers, diabetes, hormonal imbalances, abdominal parasites can increase just how much water your dog drinks in a day.