Pests may be hiding under your bed, staying inside the concrete walls and burying their bodies under the floors. In Australia, these critters vary in size and shape. You could have cockroaches, spiders, termites, fleas and mosquitoes all at the same time! No amount of spray repellent works in this situation.

If you’re amongst those who suffer from this issue, prevention and maintenance are two things you need to do.

Get rid of these itty-bitty creatures with these practical tips:

Keep the house well-ventilated and clean.

Once your home becomes a place for constant moisture to seep in, it would attract all sorts of insects into your home. Two of these are roaches and mosquitoes.

If you have a leaking shower and faucets, have it repaired as soon as possible. Call in leaking shower repairs Gold Coast now. Also, make sure to wipe your dining tables right after you’ve eaten. Keep the bathroom dry by installing a wall exhaust fan. Do the same thing in the kitchen as it’s considered the dirtiest place in the house. If you keep a dishwashing sponge by the sink, be sure to place it in a covered soap tray to keep roaches from toying with it.

Throw away house items you don’t need.

Wooden furniture is a haven for termites. Sometimes it attacks all sorts of items made with this material. Whether chairs, tables or drawers, you better dispose of these furniture once infested by termites. Also check your windowsills, doorways, walls and ceilings for signs that termites are inhabiting your home.

Other pests to look out for are rats. These love to gorge on spoiled food, and even those that are out in the open. Keep all food tucked in a sturdy metal cupboard and in the refrigerator. You should be constantly checking your fridge for rotten meat, vegetable, fruit, dairy and nuts. Put it all in a spill-resistant garbage bag and transfer it outside where the waste personnel will collect it.

Clear your space of mess.

Once you’ve cleared your home of both biodegradable and non-biodegradable waste, have time to organise your room often. Even if you’re busy with work or school, simple things such as sweeping the floors and doing the pile of dirty dishes or laundry would make a difference. Doing these chores prevent spiders and other pests from sneaking into your home.

Bathe and groom your furry pets.

If you have dogs or cats staying with you, bathe them regularly or at least once a week. Fleas like to latch onto these snuggly animals because of their thick fur coating. Hence, you’ll never know that there are fleas until you scour your pet’s coat. Bring them to the vet to be examined. Or, you may do a simple check by looking for hidden fleas tucked in the belly, ears and legs.

Finally, take note that if you can’t control the infestation with household cleaning agents, it’s best to hire pest control Brisbane South to do an extermination.

Author: Carrie Sze