In our busy lives we sometimes let some aspects of being a fur parent slide. Get things back on track by following these simple rules and how to make them fun for your furry companion. Dogs love routine, they live a balanced life with great routine. Below are 6 things to do with your dog. Try building these elements into your 2019 doggy routine.

1: The daily walk

Make the promise to yourself and your dog and take them on at least one walk a day. It could be a quick walk around the block, a walk with you to the shops or a run around in the park. It’s a great way for you to get some fresh air and unwind.

2: A dog is for life

There are three things a dog needs in their life: exercise, discipline, and affection. Make sure you research before you decide to get a dog. They are all different, from Chihuahua to Cocker Spaniel to Akita. They are great in all walks of life, whether you want one for companionship, for work or for your family. They are get fun and will give you years of unconditional love and be by your side from day one.

3: Give them a bit more time

Dogs don’t mean to make you feel guilty but they do, especially with those big round puppy eyes. There simply aren’t enough hours in the day for everything, let alone your furry friend.

Remove some of the guilt by booking your dog in for regular dog day care London while you’re at work or just for your dog to enjoy some time socialising with other dogs. Also, your dog will get lots of attention, love and walks.

4: Bath time

Grooming time can be a bit stressful for both you and your dog, but the simplest way to manage the grooming needs of your dog is to make it part of your regular routine. Make it into a fun game -put some toys in the tub, you can even place their favorite treat on the side, such as peanut butter and allow them to lick it whilst bathing them. Make sure you do it on a regular basis so that your furry friend gets used to it. And if you don’t feel confident make a trip to the groomers. They can also check that your dog’s teeth and feet are in top notch condition.

5: Discover new places

Dogs are a brilliant icebreaker. Take your pooch for a walk in new areas, or to check out a new dog friendly pub. Try heading out somewhere different once a month.

You can take your dog to dog festivals – a great way of meeting like-minded people and for your dog to meet new buddies.  

6: It’s time to up the playdates

Encourage socialisation with friendly and familiar dogs – the more socialised your dog, the more confident they’ll be. There’s a tendency to gradually withdraw if your dog shows signs of any anti-social behaviour, but they are pack animals so with a spot of training and careful management, you can tackle the problem head-on.

Fun fact: Your beloved furbaby is a valuable source of support and companionship, which can in fact lower your stress hormone levels.

Happy you, happy dog.