There are myriad of reasons why you should consider the option of adoption if you are a pet lover. Dogs make excellent companions and are loyal to a fault. With a puppy, you get to grow old with it. You can be friends for almost two decades. Humans can let you down, but your dog will always be by your side. If you are an introvert who stays alone, a puppy can provide great company. Those lonely nights will be more bearable knowing you know have a loyal companion.

Save Life

By adopting a puppy, you’re essentially saving a life. There are many animals in the shelters that would have otherwise not survived the cruel streets. Not all shelters have the quality of life that you can afford the puppy. By adopting a puppy, you are also creating space for other needy puppies. Westchester Animal Rescue is an example of shelter that provides excellent adoption services. Some shelters may be forced to leave animals on their own because of logistical reasons. That is why you need to save a life by adopting that puppy.

It’s Cheaper

Adopting a puppy is not necessarily expensive. It is much cheaper than getting it from a pet store. Most of the puppies have been rescued and the shelters are always in desperate need of assistance especially when it comes adoption. Unlike puppies from pet shops, those in the shelters are always taken care of health wise. They are regularly washed and groomed. They are also nurtured and vaccinated regularly. This will save you a lot more in the long run should you decide to adopt a puppy. You will also be contributing to a greater course.

Healthy Pet

With adopting a puppy, you not only save on costs but also get a healthy pet. Most of the animals from the shelter are properly treated and vaccinated. This is because they are usually in a bad state when they are rescued. It is also a requirement that the animals are vaccinated if they are to be kept in a shelter. You will save a lot on treatment and you won’t have to worry about visiting the vet from time to time.

Discouraging Puppy mills

You have probably seen the aggressive ads in your local daily or TVs. There are people who are breeding dogs in large scale for the purpose of selling. This is inhumane and animals deserve to be treated better. By adopting, you are discouraging such kind immoral businesses. Puppy mills usually collect dogs and keep them together for the purpose of reselling or breeding. The puppies are not well taken care of or vaccinated.


Getting a puppy for a shelter gives you options to choose from. You can pick the sex, age, breed and a lot more. You will always find a puppy that you like, that is guaranteed. If you’re feeling philanthropic enough, you can even get two puppies so that one doesn’t get lonely.