Meta Description: Being a dog walker isn’t always a glamorous job, but it is often a rewarding one. Here is an inside look at being a dog walker in Dallas, TX!

Not everyone has a glamorous job. In fact, it could be argued that no one has a glamorous job. There are aspects of every career, every part-time gig that makes us pull out some hair in stress or anxiety. Being a dog walker in Dallas, TX, is no different. However, a dog walker is trained to manage the stress in a more productive manner. After all, a client’s pets are in your hands as a dog walker. It would not do to become overwhelmed while walking a large dog on a leash. Being a dog walker is a rewarding career. If only more people knew what the inside looked like.

Dog Walking is Tough

Some people see a professional dog walker in the park and think they have the easiest life ever. After all, you get to wake up, get dressed, and play in the park with a few furry friends. What’s not to like? Well, quite a bit in all honesty. Being a dog walker is a tough business. It can take anywhere from a few months to a year, or perhaps longer, to become successful. In that time, you’re working for a pittance.

Then you need to provide unique services. Everyone wants the luxury of being a dog walker. It stems from the mentality that dog walking is an easy job. It’s competitive, though. Just down the road, another dog walking shop has opened up. They offer poop scooping services and behavioral training, too. Your dog walking business must compete by offering exceptional, unique services.

Clients Are Unique

Again, this comes back to the whole “dog walking is simple” thought that many people hold. Dealing with clients is occasionally a challenge. That’s not to say clients are terrible to work with. Quite the opposite, in fact. However, clients, like their pets, are unique. Each one has specific needs that must be met. Each one requests unique services or daily routines that must be considered during the dog walking process.

Then, you have the dogs themselves. They are your clients, too. Some dogs have behavioral problems, some cannot walk for long distances on pavement, and many just want to play.

The Gross-Out Factor

Yeah, that’s right, pets tend to poop. It’s actually not the grossest part of the job. As a dog walker in Dallas, TX, you cannot be squeamish. It’s hot outside, dogs can get kind of gross at times, but it’s still a rewarding job.

If a dog has an upset stomach, eats poop, or perhaps poops out foreign objects, it is your dog walker who handles the mess. It does not get left on the side of the road for the street cleaner to handle.

As you can see, the daily life of a dog walker is not as easy as many would imagine. It can be a challenging, yet rewarding and fun experience, too.