If you have chickens at home, the first thing you need is a chicken coop. It can be tricky to have a chicken coop because it needs to be safe from predators, easy to access, and good for the chickens’ health for all seasons. You can apply some tweaks and changes, brand-new products and plans to try, which could mean that designing, outfitting, and enhancing the backyard chicken coop is always an ongoing project. There are essential elements to ensure that your chickens will have a safe, highly functional, and aesthetically appealing coop for healthier chickens and more fresher eggs.

A chicken coop has to be safe from all predators

It is important for the coop to have a hardware cloth on all its window openings. It is safe to use hardware cloth that is screwed to window openings. The gaps have to be minimal to prevent the smaller predators like mice and the weasel. These are predators that can squeeze in the smallest crevices. Hence, it is important for the coop perimeters to be secure and that a predator-proof door is set in place.

The chicken coop must allow for proper ventilation

It’s best to have a chicken with enough ventilation which can eliminate moisture during winter and lessen heat during summer. When it’s winter, the chickens will suffer from frostbite if it does not have enough ventilation. When the coop is closed-up, it can easily gather moisture from the breath of chickens and high moisture content of the coop. This moisture can cause frostbite and illness for the chickens.

The coop has to be easy to clean

It is convenient for you to have a chicken coop that is easy to clean. This is particularly true when your chickens have mites because it means that you have to clean all the nooks and crannies. If you set up a chicken coop that has less nooks and crannies, you’ll find it easier to clean up.

Make sure that the chicken coop has enough roost and nest box space

The average-sized chicken coop has to have 12 inches roost space. When you have a ladder-type roost, it’s better to allow for 18 inches space. Make sure that there is a nest box for every four hens.

It is also best to have a chicken coop with safe non-toxic materials on the surfaces that the chickens can touch.

Any part of your coop that can be in contact with the ground has to be pressure treated or made of a rot-resistant wood such as cedar or hemlock.

Give your chicken coop an automatic door

When you have an automatic chicken coop door, you can be sure that your chickens are safe from nighttime predators even when you forget to close their run door or when you arrive late in the evening during winter season.

Don’t forget that when you set up Australian Chicken Coops, the needs of your chickens are always prioritized. For one, the coop has to be based on the type of chickens you have since each type has a specific size.